Hasbro has just announced at the Hasbro Star Wars panel at Star Wars Celebration the return of The Vintage Collection in all of its 3 3/4″ super-articulated glory!  And once again they are asking fans to participate in which figures they include in this popular series. The 2017 Fan Figure Vote is now open and will run from 6:30 PM Saturday EST, April 15th to Midnight this Wednesday, April 19th PST.

To cast your vote for which Star Wars character you feel should be a part of the return of the 3 3/4″ The Vintage Collection, simply contact us in one of the following ways and remember you may only vote once:

  • Send an email to 4LOMKUSS@gmail.com
  • Comment on this article on our Facebook page
  • Send us a Tweet on our Twitter page
  • Comment on this article on our Instagram post

On Thursday, we will tally up the top 6 nominees and send them to Hasbro on April 21st. Now just like last year, once Hasbro has received and tallied all of their nominees they will then return to the fans over a Starwars.com for a final vote and then the overall “top picks from each site will be entrants in a final poll at StarWars.com, which will run from April 26-30.”

Good luck to you and,

May Your Figure be with you!