From 4-LOM to Zuckuss  had the chance to sit down with the Hasbro Star Wars Brand Team for a brief Q & A session at San Diego Comic-Con.  Ryan Beise, also of Galaxy of Toys  and Star Wars: Collecting Cosmos  podcasts, chatted with Bill Rawley and Jeff Labovitz about what we can and cannot look forward to from Hasbro in the next year and sadly Episode VII  was not up for discussion.

We have summarized Hasbro’s responses in the transcripts below but to hear the complete audio of this interview check out the next episode of Galaxy of Toys Podcast.


Q – With the 5 Point of Articulation style figures harkens back to the vintage, is there any idea of ever putting these in vintage packaging?

A – That’s an interesting idea! We haven’t put that in the plan yet but that is an interesting thought…right now we have no plans of throwing that on a vintage card.


Q – Is there any plans for any more FX Lightsabers?

A – We are looking at that for 2015.


Q – We are big fans of the Holiday Special, is there any plans to give us the Wookiee Family, Ackmena or anything from the Holiday Special?

A – They are not in our current plan right…we never say no…Star Wars has a very long history and we have a long future ahead of us, so it may be San Diego Comic-Con 2030.


Q – How about the holiday figures, you guys used to do a holiday figure every year…is there every a chance of those coming back?

A – I mean there is always a chance but we don’t have anything planed right now.


Q – Do you remember the Bend’ems by Just Toys? Is there any chance of doing modern Bend’ems, that’s like full articulation but cheaper to make?

A – I mean there is always a possibility and I don’t want to say no but…it’s not in the line right now.


Q – Is there a timeframe on when we might see an Episode VII preview figure?

A – You know we can’t talk about Episode VII today…that’s our no comment.


Q – Is there any chance of mailaways ever coming back?

A – Mailaways come up often in brainstorms and meetings…there isn’t anything currently in the plan right now but…we are still trying to figure out 2015 and we could come up with some kind of promotion or program around it.


Q – With Marvel coming back into Star Wars is there a chance we may see the Marvel comic two-packs again?

A – That’s another thing that is not in the plan right now. But it is a great idea and I can see us doing for retailers maybe some kind of promotion built around comic books.


Q – I know a few people who would love to see Jaxxon the Rabbit come in action figure form.

A – (laughs) That one San Diego Comic-Con 2080!


Q – The smaller vehicles you have been doing, the Class II, are those going to continue or are we going to see bigger ships like we used to or are they going continue at that $20 price point.

A – The $20 price point is a great price point for us…so we will stick towards that for right now but that’s not to say we won’t go larger if we get the price point approved or feel that it is strong enough.


Q – How about Mini Rigs?  You guys remember Mini Rigs at all, are we going to see those come back at all?

A – Possibly, yeah that could always happen. Off screen vehicles, yeah!


Q – The Ewok Battle Wagon from the Kenner line?

A – Hmmm that is not in plan, Not on the short list.


Q – No Ewoks or Droids animated figures?

A – No!  That’s up there with Jaxxon I think.


Q – You guys have a partnership with Sideshow in licensing out the 12” to them, is there ever a chance of ever doing anything more through them like playsets for figures or anything like that?

A – You know we haven’t talked about that. So I cant share too much about that relationship here today.


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