Yesterday revealed a new character which will be making his debut in Star Wars Rebels in both the animated show and its action figure line.

choppertoyAlthough this video was provided to Germany’s website a day before it was released in the US, the photo of the C1-1OP “Chopper” was an exclusive to the release.

For those expecting reveals about upcoming Hasbro products this last week from the UK Toy Fair held in London, were sadly disappointed as practically nothing was officially announced. James Burns of did provide an update via the official Star Wars website:

Hasbro — The future of the Black Series, both 3¾” and 6” lines, looks great and there will be a number of new figures coming in each range in 2014. The 5-point articulated figures found in Saga Legends and the Mission Series will also continue in 2014. There were only 3¾” figures on display including the Inquisitor figure (from Star Wars Rebels Saga Legends) that was revealed here at on December 30.  Role-playing items continue this year under a new sub-brand called Armor of which several new items were also shown.

No photos have surfaced from the event due to stringent control on Star Wars Rebels information leading up to New York Toy Fair.

A lot of what Hasbro featured must remain secret until the International Toy Fair in New York (just three weeks away), although I can talk about most things on show at LEGO. Photographing items at either stand was prohibited.

Despite these strict controls, Spielwarenmesse “Toy Fair Germany”  which is currently being held in Nurnberg has released a video that spot lights some of the ships from Star Wars Rebels and some potential characters included with them:

Even though the video does a nice job of not revealing many of the characters, other leaks around the web have produced a few of the character’s names, with the most interesting being the Twi’lek Hera Syndulla who is eluded to being the daughter or descendant of Cham Syndulla, who we last saw leading a rebellion on Ryloth in The Clone Wars animated series.


Additionally, recently toy e-tailer Andrew’s Toyz has released photos of some upcoming 5POA (5 Points of Articulation) Saga Legends figures and two-packs on their Facebook page.

tcwOther than Dark Horse Comic’s script adaptation of the Dark Maul arc entitled “Son of Dathomir”, no official word has been released from Lucasfilm regarding the release of “Lost Missions” AKA “Bonus Content” AKA Season 6 of The Clone Wars but episode descriptions of 13 of the episodes have begun making their rounds around the net as well as a possibly air date for Germany as early as February 15th.  We are to believe a press announcement regarding the highly anticipated conclusion is imminent.

And finally, we typically do not report on rumors but a list of  case breakdowns for upcoming The Black Series and Saga Legends figures has surfaced which, although not at all confirmed by Hasbro, we believe to be most likely authentic.  The list can be found here and you’ll notice that there are some previously unannounced figures in both The Black Series and the Mission Series.

Of course most of the unknowns regarding all of the above will be answered at The International Toy Fair in just 17 days.  So until then,

May the Figures  be with you!

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