Picture Courtesy of Galaxy of Toys

Our friend and host of the Galaxy of Toys Podcast Jason Luttrull has discovered a new Hasbro Star Wars action figure item on the market. Found at his local QFC grocery store, Luttrull discovered a slightly larger than a football-sized egg which according to the fine print included, “6 figures and 1 mini-comic”.


Picture Courtesy of Galaxy of Toys

Upon purchasing the egg, he found it to include two Galaxy of Adventures 3 3/4″ figures, two 3 3/4″ The Last Jedi era figures and one Micro Force Series 3 blind pack (which includes 2 figurines).


Picture Courtesy of Galaxy of Toys

The mini-comic reference refers no doubt to the ones packed into the GOA tube figures. And while it is quite a stretch to refer to the little Micro Force characters as figures we understand the reasoning for this set. These are designed to serve two purposes, one to provide a blind gift-basket like item for kids who are Star Wars fans at Eastertime and to assist Hasbro with clearing out overstock from years past.

This set retails for $35 and when you total up the MSRP for these figures originally it is a slight discount (GOA were $10 each, TLJ were $8 each and Micro Force were $3) although not by much and it does not account for the desirability of the figures included.

If you plan on picking one of these Surprise Eggs up, please let us know what your contents are, as these are fairly new and who knows what may lie within.

And look for a new episode of Galaxy of Toys next week as the hosts cover all the of reveals, announcements and preorders for this weekend’s New York Toy Fair!