It is that time again, when the calendar switches out of April, to begin our month of Star Wars love! We like to proclaim the whole month of May is a time to celebrate Star Wars, as it holds not only the May the 4th holiday, but anniversaries for most of the films as well.

This year we are starting our holiday celebrations on Monday and will continue to celebrate the Saga through Wednesday! There are those who turn up their nose at the fan-originated holiday which has now become a staple for retailers and Disney/Lucasfilm but we love any chance to pay love and respect to the franchise that has brought us some much joy over the past four decades. Although we will still maintain that “Star Wars Day” is and will always be May 25th but that also means twice the celebrations in May!

Here’s how we will be celebrating this year’s May the 4th Be with You Day!

May the 4th Eve

  • [UPDATE] Signing the #TimeForTonnika petition
  • Unboxing Wave 5 of the Galaxy of Adventures line
  • Doing a rewatch of the Bad Batch arc from Season 7 of The Clone Wars
  • Staying up until Midnight while brushing up on the Bad Batch

May the 4th

  • 12:01 AM – Watching the debut episode of Star Wars: The Bad Batch on Disney+
  • [UPDATE] – Watching The Simpsons: The Force Awakens From its Nap on Disney+
  • 8:00 AM PST – Watching Hasbro Pulse’s Livestreaming Event on YouTube
  • Baking Monster Munchies cookies from the vintage Star Wars: Return of the Jedi – Monster Activity Book
  • Joining the crew of Toy Anxiety on the Yes Have Some YouTube page for their May the 4th Livestream episode!
  • Releasing press releases for any and all Hasbro reveals
  • Listening to the SWTVC Podcast

Revenge of the 5th

  • Recording with the cast of Galaxy of Toys Podcast for a May the 4th follow-up show
  • Unxboxing a past 3 3/4″ set from The Clone Wars to celebrate the release of the Bad Batch

How are you spending this Star Wars holiday? Let us know and share your celebrations with us on our social pages! How ever you are spending this Tuesday remember,

The Figures will be with you…always!