photo 5 (4)Did Marvel’s Star Wars #1 just give us an appearance of an Episode 7 alien?

Yesterday Marvel Comics returned to the galaxy far, far away for the first time in close to 30 years. Their return to publishing Star Wars comics was promoted at comic book shops across the country with “Welcome Home” parties that included free swag.

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The premiere issue of the ongoing series is set to break comic book records by selling 1 million copies. This was helped by the creation of about 100 different cover variants that were made available at numerous exclusive locations (our sympathies to completest collectors).  In our extremely biased opinion the best by far was the incredible cover by John Tyler Christopher which payed tribute to Kenner’s vintage action figure line!

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Now in the story, which was written by Jason Aaron as being the sequel to Star Wars: A New Hope, we find the Luke Skywalker (who’s still very much a Jedi-rookie) discovering a cage of Imperial slaves.

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The slaves consist of a diverse group of familiar Star Wars aliens from the films except for one lone yellow-skinned prisoner.

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Now for many who are still not familiar with “him”, this alien or perhaps even specific character was featured in Lucasfilm and Unicef’s “Force for Change” campaign video hosted by Episode 7 director JJ Abrams himself. The character is seen walking through the scene of what appears to be the same desert (most likely Tatooine) planet seen in November’s teaser trailer.

Here’s the video for a better look.

This would be the first canonized use of this character or species as Lucasfilm’s Story Group has confirmed that all Marvel Comic stories from here on out will be a part of the official Star Wars universe and not just a corner of the Expanded Universe as in the past.

Who know’s what other appearances or nods to The Force Awakens will appear in future issues but what we do know is that we are loving the Kenner covers and hope they continue through issue #92!

Here’s issue #2 of Marvel’s new Star Wars.

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