Welcome to the final entry in my Birthday Scavenger Hunt! Here’s your final reminder to make sure to look over the details on how to play and enter to win all of the toys in the prize box by visiting Day 1’s entry.

My family’s rec room was a place of great joy for my sister and I growing up. The classic faux wood-paneled room hosted parties, holidays and countless hours of play. Here you can see that behind the present opening from my Transformers birthday (seen on Day 5) the room also acted as an on display toy box. I seem to always prattle on about how much I loved the Micro Collection growing up and here it is on display on the top shelf, a place of honor. Just behind it is my Jedi Knight certificate which was cut off of my Underoos packaging. I had a couple of these and I’m unsure if this is the one I sold to Pete Vilmur (an avid Star Wars paper collector) at Lucasfilm a few years back or not. This whole picture brings me joy from cousin Martin’s He-Man shirt, Grandma’s Pepsi can and having so many Kenner vehicles and playsets. If you look under the nose of the Falcon, you will see a Return of the Jedi tin. This was the tin my Mom made me keep all my weapons in so I would not lose them. This is what helped me to hold on to my most of my accessories over time. As an adult when I returned to collecting vintage, I was shocked to find I had a) so many and b) so many variants. Chewie bowcaster in both tints, brown and orange Yoda snake, green and blue Jedi Knight lightsaber and the list goes on. So many great memories were made from playtime in the rec room, I often wonder what room in our house now my kids will look back on with the same fondness.

Now it’s time for the final clue of the week. Remember to use the following clue to find where the image below can be found here on From4-LOMtoZuckuss.com.



The final 4 figures entering the prize box are a random assortment of figures which I have obtained in various ways. The Jar Jar Binks from the Episode One line I obtained at Emerald City Comic Con this past year. I felt compelled to pick it up for some reason as I wasn’t finding much Star Wars figure love at the show this past year. The second figure is the collectible cup Obi-Wan from the Saga series.  For those who may not know, I am a huge Obi-Wan fan and causally focus collector. I received a second one of these from my Mother many years back. The next figure is Chewie from the Solo movie. This figure was provided by Hasbro upon the release of the new figures for the film. And finally, a Padme in pilot disguise from Attack of the Clones called Coruscant Attack will be joining the lot. I know I bought a few of these when it was released in 2002 as I really liked the accessory.

If you are reading this far then I thank you all for playing my birthday reindeer games and humoring my walk down nostalgia lane this week. I’llbe celebrating my birthday tomorrow with some Star Wars toys (hopefully) but remember you need to have your entry in by midnight Sunday.


Good luck and I’ll announce the winner on Tuesday!

May the Figures be with you,