We have received a report from our spy “Long Snoot” from inside the Wal*Mart on Tatooine. According to Long Snoot the following 10 figures are listed in the Wal*Mart computer for a retail price of $12.93:

  • E7 Kylo
  • E7 Firs
  • E6 Vader
  • E4 Chewie
  • E4 Han
  • E4 Luke
  • E4 Prin
  • E7 Poe
  • E7 Finn
  • E7 Rey

Now the these figures are currently on order in denominations of 12 and no stores in the region have them on hand. So this means that it is most likely that they will not be available on Force Friday but should be appearing shortly after.

At this price point these figures are most likely a part of the super articulated Black Series line. We have already seen images of the canceled Ceremonial Leia which was delayed due to production issues. These figures also correlate with information that Jedi Temple Archives has reported on in the past.

Now since these figures nor price point have appeared on any of the other big boxed retailers’ listing we are to assume that these will be Wal*Mart exclusives. This would not be unusual as Wally has had exclusive figures waves in the past and heaven knows that it would make a large number of adult collectors happy to see the return of figures with more than 5 points of articulation.

Until next time,

May the Figures be with you!