“Action Figures: A Star Wars Story” Insider #189

Today, Star Wars Insider #189 hits newsstands and features an article that is exclusively about the lasting impact and nostalgia of the Kenner Star Wars action figure line. The article was written but Star Wars super-collector and author, Gus Lopez. In addition to the delight of seeing Star Wars action figures being written about in the Insider, I was very happy to able to contribute to this particular article by providing Gus some information and images about modern Star Wars action figures. "ONLY YOU CAN DECIDE...YOU, AND STAR WARS TOYS!" The article does a great job highlighting the journey vintage Star Wars action figures have made to becoming the highly valued line it is today. Gus charts not just the gems from the vintage era [...]

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Toy Story 4’s Kenner Cameo

On an outing to catch Disney's latest animated film adaptation, Dumbo, with the kids, we new to keep a very special eye out in case the latest Toy Story 4 trailer played. We give full credit to the eagle-eyed Dan The Pixar Fan and the numerous folks that gave us the heads up on this cameo. As That Junkman points out, the appearance of two Kenner action figures happens at time-code 1:38 in the trailer which is yet another Star Wars nod. For those well-versed in the vintage line, there is no mistaking the white hear and brown cape of a Kenner Obi-Wan "Ben" Kenobi. And as for his "friend", could the inclusion of a Kenner Walrus Man be foreshadowing as to what type of establishment [...]

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New Hasbro Toys use Vintage Kenner Designs!

Last Toy Fair Pablo Hidalgo made it clear that the new animated series Star Wars Rebels would be using some of Kenner's original action figure designs.  He even pointed out that Stormtrooper blasters in the show would sport the extra "fins" found on the barrel of Kenner's 3 3/4" version of the weapon.  But what he didn't tell us was that the actually Kenner design (which is much different than the blaster seen in the films and in Rebels) would also be used in the series.  Hasbro's newest toy line Star Wars Command, which is meant to recapture green army men playtime, depicts the Kenner Stormtrooper blaster on its Imperial Officers figurines. As lifelong collectors it is so exciting to see these designs come full circle and of course we [...]

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Kenner X-Wings in Star Wars #18

While doing prep work for the next "issue" (episode) of The Star Wars Spinner Rack Podcast, which is the newest show on the Galaxy of Toys Broadcasting Network, we couldn't help but to notice a unique Rebel vehicle design.  On the cover of issue #18 of Brian Wood's Star Wars title appears an X-Wing which by all accounts should be very familiar to both vintage and modern Star Wars action figure collectors. Pictured to the right of Chewbacca's head is none other than a Kenner action figure version of the X-Wing Starfighter. It's Kenner origins are obvious due to its shorter fuselage, depressed R2-D2 dome (which causes the S-Foils to open) and shorter laser cannons. This mold was originally produced in 1978 and has seen multiple repaints and [...]

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