photo 1 (33)Last Toy Fair Pablo Hidalgo made it clear that the new animated series Star Wars Rebels would be using some of Kenner’s original action figure designs.  He even pointed out that Stormtrooper blasters in the show would sport the extra “fins” found on the barrel of Kenner’s 3 3/4″ version of the weapon.  But what he didn’t tell us was that the actually Kenner design (which is much different than the blaster seen in the films and in Rebels) would also be used in the series.  Hasbro’s newest toy line Star Wars Command, which is meant to recapture green army men playtime, depicts the Kenner Stormtrooper blaster on its Imperial Officers figurines.

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As lifelong collectors it is so exciting to see these designs come full circle and of course we know there are more to come. We have already begun to document these appearances and you can guarantee we’ll be tracking them all once Star Wars Rebels debuts in October.

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