DSC_0923Its always a good day when our e-mail includes picture updates from Carl BouMansour aka “Boutros77” of his amazing custom action figure dioramas!  For new readers, we featured Boutros77 in our Fans of Force Figures exclusive interview earlier this year.  The customizing genius is hard at work increasing his already impressive Jabba’s Palace diorama and shared the following pictures with us.

It goes without saying that we are big fans of his work.  We wish desperately Hasbro could take a note from Boutros77 as the amount and quality of playsets and diorama pieces in Hasbro’s modern line is sorely lacking.  But we are entering a new era in Star Wars, so we will remain optimistic that with new movies and media, Hasbro will develop new beliefs about the love we old school, vintage, long-term, completest collectors have about the Kenner Star Wars playsets of our youth.  So until then,

May the Figures be with you!