It never ceases to amaze us on the amount of knowledge that is discovered on a regular basis. One would think that after 35+ years, the amount of new information on our favorite little plastic space men might start to dry up but its great podcasts, blogs, and forums that continue to reveal fascinating facts and discoveries.

The most recent episode of The SWCA Podcast (aka The ‘Chive Cast Vintage Pod) which despite having a Lobotchive_cast focus revealed pretty amazing fact about the Kenner’s Jawa figure.  New Kenner documents obtained by Ross Cuddie and shared by Ron Salvador on the show, explain how the Jawa was originally intended to not have a cape or robe at all.  This makes perfect sense as the original sculpting of the figure includes the details of a cape/robe especially on the legs as well its bandoleers positioned over it’s robe.  To hear more about the discovery and loads about Lando’s mute assitant check out episode 51.

No cape/custom vinyl cape/cloth cape (robe)


swanAlso great resource for those wanting a crash course on CoOs or Country of Origin stamps check out Jerry’s Vintage Viewpoint on Episode #426 of the Star Wars Action News!

“With Jerry returning to put his stamp on a new Vintage Viewpoint, looking back at the original Kenner toys, Johnathan telling you what is On the Pegs, and Marjorie and Arnie reviewing the newest Mission Series figure packs, it’s all in this episode of Star Wars Action News!”

And finally, we are so happy with the great work Christian (aka Bobby Bobs) has been doing with his new blog; Interviews, limelights and reviews all focused on Kenner’s fantastic vintage lines which brought Star Wars into our homes at a time home video could not and started the figure collecting hobby for many of us.

If you are still hungry for more knowledge on figures, new and old, then check out our “Collecting Resources” which can be found above or by clicking here. And be on the lookout for a major update to our Collecting Resources page coming soon!  Until then,

May the Figures be with you!