We are happy to finally announce that Jake Stevens and Galaxy of Toys co-host and friend Matthew Fox will be hosting a panel on the official Star Wars Celebration Collecting Track stage next month in Anaheim, California! The announcement was made via the Star Wars Celebration Collecting Track Facebook group and the panel will take place on Saturday, May 28th, at noon! All attendees will receive an exclusive Star Tot and in the Collectors Lounge, there will most likely be more swag distributed (but more on that later). We hope to see you there!

“Beyond 1985: The Legacy of Kenner Star Wars Action Figures”. Join lifelong Star Wars collectors Jake Stevens and Matthew Fox as they take you on a journey into the lasting impact of Kenner’s Star Wars action figure lines. Over the past four decades, Star Wars action figures have not only increased in value but have become pop culture icons the world over. They have appeared in numerous films, television shows, music videos, and documentaries. They have been repurposed for other Kenner action figure lines. Their card back design has inspired entire figure lines from other companies. They have been reinterpreted as greeting cards, mugs, posters, T-shirts, Funko Pops!, trading cards, calendars, and comic books. Websites, publications, podcasts, and YouTube channels are dedicated to them. And some of Kenner’s original toy concepts have been used in shows like The Mandalorian. This presentation will explore these interesting aspects of collecting through photos, videos, and real-life examples.