With just a few days left in The Ghost HasLab campaign, Hasbro has reached out with to us with new images of all four figures offered with The Ghost. At the time of publication, only Hera and Erza are unlocked as crowdfund has only received 12.6K backers of the 17K needed for all four figures. If you have yet to back The Ghost, this will be the final time this vehicle or these figures on these cardbacks will ever be offered. If you have already backed The Ghost, like we did, then spread the word for a final push to complete the Rebels team on mural cardbacks. You have until September 6th at 9PM PST to get your order in for this amazing vehicle form Rebels, Rogue One, The Rise of Skywalker and Ahsoka!

8,000 Backers: The Ghost, The Phantom II & Hera

11,000 Backers: Ezra

14,000 Backers: Kanan

17,000 Backers: Zeb, Chopper to be offered at retail, Sabine to be offered at retail