It’s no secret that the Filoni and the crew behind Star Wars Rebels are huge vintage action figure fans.  We have reported in the past on Kenner’s Yoda being an influence in the designs of his Rebels counterpart.  But with Season 3 coming to close this weekend, we thought it was time to add eacYoda_Kenner_Rebelsh of the Kenner nods that have appeared in the last three years of the series to The Kenner Cameo Chronology. And since the show reintroduced the Imperial Troop Transport to the Star Wars universe, we have also added each of its appearances, which we have previously outlined in our “37 Years of Imperial Troop Transport History and Restoration” article. Now before we begin, there is one more reference that we are still researching that has the potential to be added to the chronology. As suggested by Jimmy Mac on Rebel Force Radio, Kenner’s Millennium Falcon’s turret “click” might have been included in an episode of Star Wars Rebels.  Obsurce, we know, but until we unravel that possibility, here is the latest batch of updates to The Kenner Cameo Chronology!

– 1979 –

Imperial Troop Transport

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Marvel Comic’s Star Wars #31 featured the story “Return to Tatooine” where the Imperial Troop Transport was used by the Empire on the desert planet.  This is the first, of what will be many appearances, of the ITT outside of the figure line.

– 2006 –

Imperial Troop Transport


In the Dark Horse Comics one-shot, Boba Fett: Overkill, a trio of ITTs were depicted being deployed on the Imperial world of Troska.

– 2009 –

Imperial Troop Transport


In the fourth series of Topps’ popular Star Wars Galaxy trading card line, the ITT made an appearance that was an exact depiction of the Kenner toy down to its orange “Sound Control” buttons.

– 2014 –

TIE Fighter

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The TIE Fighter featured on the animated series Star Wars Rebels includes a smaller wing design and larger cockpit which mirror the dimensions of the vintage version of the Imperial spacecraft.

– 2014 –

Stormtrooper Blaster

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This design for the Star Wars Rebels series includes elements lifted from Kenner’s original Stormtrooper figure blaster in the addition of the cooling fins which were not found on the screen used E-11 blasters.

 – 2014 –

Imperial Troop Transport

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Debuting in the fourth episode of the Star Wars Rebels animated series, the Imperial Troop Transport or ITT became part of Disney’s official and rebooted canon.  The vehicle which was a Kenner original design in 1979, reappeared 35 years later with some slight modifications.

– 2014 –






Durring the first season of Star Wars Rebels, sharp-eyed viewers discovered that Kenner’s Hammerhead could be found in the background of numerous episodes including the “Empire Day” and “Fighter Flight”.

 – 2015 –

Imperial Troop Transport

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The new era of Star Wars published by Marvel Comics came full circle as they have continued what they started in 1979 by placing the ITT in their comic books. In Star Wars issue #3, Imperial Troop Transports can be found as part of a battalion that attempts to take on Han and Leia who are piloting a captured AT-AT.

– 2017 –

Sand People


In a cost-saving move for the episode “Twin Suns” of Star Wars Rebels, the creators chose not to give Tusken Raiders their classic robes and instead paid homage to the Kenner action figure design featuring even the quasi-open handed grip!

-2017 –



Courtsey of the Sandcrawler Podcast

In the Season 3 episode of Star Wars Rebels “Twin Suns”, Kenner’s “smiling” Dewback made an appearance on Tatooine as the Obi-Wan’s transport to the Lars Homestead.

We are having so much fun with Kenner Cameos this week, look for another update next week!

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