Fan Spotlight: Playset Ideas by Mike Rex

Now that Hasbro has shown a growing affinity for releasing playsets in The Vintage Collection line, our minds can not help but wonder what could lay in store for the future. So far since the return of the collector-focused Kenner package-inspired line we have received the following sets: Jabba's Sail Barge (The Khetanna) Vehicle (HasLab Exclusive)* Jabba the Hutt Yak Face Jabba's Palace Adventure Set (Wal*Mart Exclusive) Han Solo (Carbonite) Ree Yees Carbon Freeze Chamber (Fan Channel Exclusive) Stormtrooper Tantive IV Rebel Fleet Trooper *yes is it labeled a vehicle but ain't nobody flying this around the room! Thanks to best selling writer and artist Mike Rex AKA Fangbone_Rex, as he has provided us some great food for thought. On the popular Star Wars [...]

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Cardboard Galaxy’s Death Star Control Room Display

In excitement for the barrage of Stormtrooper-related figures Target has released this month, we purchased the Death Star Control Room Backdrop Display from Cardboard Galaxy. Cardboard Galaxy is a company which creates original custom photo backgrounds for Hasbro Star Was action figures. Providing attractive, affordable display pieces and playsets for Star Wars action figure collectors. Your figures want to live in the Cardboard Galaxy. As they mention, each of their backdrops are highly affordable and work seamlessly with Hasbro's vintage and modern products. For example, they have already created a supplemental set for Hasbro's Jabba's Palace playset. The Control Room piece we received includes Velcro, rather than tabs, to keep the display in place. The set took literally seconds to assembly due to its thoughtful design. [...]

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Sillof’s Wes Anderson Star Wars

For years now James Follis, AKA Sillof, has created custom Star Wars action figures done in different genres of film and fantasy. His latest set comes at the request of actor and proud nerd, Patton Oswalt who requested a Wes Anderson take on the galaxy far, far away. Sillof elevated his game in the debut of this set by not only creating backgrounds and sets but releasing a brilliant Wes Anderson style video to showcase his work. For more of Sillof's genius work, make sure to check out his website and subscribe to his channel.

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TOY RUN Episode 14: Brian Fulton – To Customize Or Not To Customize 5POAs

Customizer Brian Fulton AKA “Darth Daddy” from Star Wars action figure blog Customs For The Kid shares his thoughts on Hasbro’s transition to a less articulated figure line.  Lots of listener feedback, mini-reviews of Disney’s newest diecast droid offerings and Hasbro’s latest 12” figures plus this week’s action figures and upcoming releases and more in Episode 14 of TOY RUN: The Star Wars Action Figures Cast! All episodes are available for free download on iTunes, Stitcher, The Zune Network and! Show Notes Customs For The Kid website Customizing The Clone Wars YouTube show C-3PO and R2-D2 on Exclusive Interview with Boutros77 12" figures of BB-8 and R2-D2 on Amazon 12" figures of FN-2187 and Fifth Brother Inquisitor on Amazon & [...]

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New Commissioned Customs from Boutros77

Carl BouMansour, one of our favorite Star Wars action figure diorama builders, who is goes by Boutros77 sends us an update with his latest creations.  This time his creations center solely on the Original Trilogy and look fantastic! If you interested in learning more about the artist, check out our Fans of Force Figures exclusive interview with him which you can read here. Hello All, Hope you're keeping well. I wanted to share some lovely examples of Modular Display environments that I've built to fit specific display areas. It's great to see the finished pieces in situ. There's a good chance you're already familiar with Kevin's Cabinet of Scum & Villainy. Following that, Narayan has been good enough to share some images of his Jabba's Palace coffee table [...]

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