In excitement for the barrage of Stormtrooper-related figures Target has released this month, we purchased the Death Star Control Room Backdrop Display from Cardboard Galaxy. Cardboard Galaxy is a company which creates original custom photo backgrounds for Hasbro Star Was action figures.

Providing attractive, affordable display pieces and playsets for Star Wars action figure collectors. Your figures want to live in the Cardboard Galaxy.

As they mention, each of their backdrops are highly affordable and work seamlessly with Hasbro’s vintage and modern products. For example, they have already created a supplemental set for Hasbro’s Jabba’s Palace playset.



The Control Room piece we received includes Velcro, rather than tabs, to keep the display in place.


The set took literally seconds to assembly due to its thoughtful design.


We as you might have guessed are very happy with the $10 purchase and think the colors look really nice when photographed with our favorite Bucketheads.


This set, although configured for 3 3/4″ figures, works nicely with 6″ Black Series figures as well.


We are planning on purchasing more sets including the Jabba’s Palace supplement in order to build improve our background and diorama environments which the modern line has been lacking since The Power of the Force 2 era.

Check them out on Facebook as whether you are a vintage or modern figure collector, they’ll most likely have a set for you.