With ECCC now a week behind us, we’ve finally had time to properly process this year’s experience. As always, we view conventions through mostly Star Wars-tinted glasses and this year was a doozy. We, of course, have already indicated the massive amount of Star Wars opportunities at this year’s show in our annual Guide to Star Wars at Emerald City Comic Con.


What we forgot to mention was the incredible collaboration by the many costuming groups in the Seattle area. Star Wars: The Ultimate Experience was put on as a fundraiser for Seattle Children’s Hospital and a great experience indeed for fans of any part of the Saga! For a quick tour of the exhibit, check out the video below:


A great feature about any convention is the ability to meet your favorite creatives and actors. The lines at this year’s shows for also a vast improvement when it came to the autograph hall. Part of that may have been that it was three blocks from the Washington State Convention center which is home to most of the show. Last week we showed off our Star Wars graphs from some of those in attendance in our ECCC Star Wars Rebels Panel with Hera & Obi-Wan article.


Speaking of cool people to meet, if you have the chance to meet Chuck Palahniuk, the author of Fight Club, we can’t recommend it enough!




What is a comic con without comic books? A few of our purchases from this show included the three Disney graphic novel film adaptations so far (Solo is set to be released this week).




Confession time, we haven’t sat through the entire series of Ewoks nor Droids so that is about now about to change and we are taking our kids with us so we don’t have to go it alone!


While on the convention floor we of course went on a search for Star Wars action figures and found more than a few:

We were happy to see Hallmark in attendance this year, and while they didn’t have any new ECCC Star Wars exclusives, we were able to pick up last year’s convention season exclusive itty bittys Boba Fett, done in classic Kenner coloring and packaging.


Funko was once again the mega exhibitor on the show floor and the lines for folks who missed out on the early access lottery, were over 4 hours at different times during the show. With ECCC so close to Star Wars Celebration, no Star Wars Funko exclusives were present this year but that didn’t stop us from making a visit to round out our Disney Afternoons collection.


The presence of Astromech droids everywhere is always enjoyable and we can hardly imagine what it will be like in a few months with Galaxy’s Edge opens.


Cosplay at ECCC was on point as it always is. Hera seen here was not far from a few Imperial Navy Pilots looking for shore leave.



On Saturday, we took a break from the show to enjoy a panel by our friend Gus Lopez, who showed off some of the amazing film props and costume pieces he has collected over the years.


Here you can see the interview Gus did with Syfy Wire on Sunday speaking about his collection.

You can also watch Gwendoline Christie’s interview on the main stage on the SYFY Wire YouTube ECCC playlist.

When weaving through the crowds of the con you never know who you might run into. Had the please of chatting, a couple of times, with SKot Kirkwood, the internet expert and site curator for StarWarsHolidaySpecial.com.


Our final thought for Emerald City Comic Con 2019, is Reed Pop! has listened to fans the past few years and really upped their Star Wars celebrities and content and did a really nice job improving the convention overall.