GalaxyoftoysgraphicI once again had the opportunity to fill the guest-host chair on Galaxy of Toys Podcast’s 2013 Year in Review.  The hosts and I break-down the ups and downs of not only action figures but also the major Star Wars events of the past year.   To listen to the show and to find out what some of our misses and hits were head over to Galaxy of Toys at Podbean or download it through your iTunes account.

For those who would like additional Year in Review coverage, we suggest the following:

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Now I always look forward to co-hosting and want to thank the cast for welcoming me back each time.  The regular hosts don’t brag about themselves but between the four of them, they possess a massive wealth of knowledge in regards to all kinds of Star Wars fandom.  Here are just some of the ways that each host has given back to fans and/or helped to maintain and create Star Wars fandom in others:

Jason – Creator and Show Runner for Galaxy of Toys Podcast and will appear in the upcoming Star Wars documentary Plastic Galaxy: The Story of Star Wars Toys.header

Ryan – Admins the Galaxy of Toys Podcast Facebook page and has held panels on collecting at Star Wars Celebration conventions.

Tom – Owns and Runs a nostalgic look at Original Trilogy fandom and who will also appear in Plastic Galaxy.

Chris – Owns and Runs a Star Wars action figure archive which currently includes more than 2100 figures.

The Year Ahead

Here are a few things not discussed on the podcast that I am most looking forward to in 2014:


  • Star Wars Rebels action figures!  As we all now know that these will be appearing in 5POA (5 Points of Articuluation) and I am fine with this as I was a child of the Original Trilogy and love the nostalgic feel of them.
  •  Learning more information and reveals about the production and story of Star Wars Episode VII! 
  • The Clone Wars bonus content!  Very interested in learning more about Syfo Dias. 
  • Taking a trip to Death Valley with Tom and others from igrewupStarWars to visit some iconic filming locations!


  • EmeraldCity Comic-Con – Seattle’s constantly growing comic-con potentially getting a dose of SARLACC (Seattle ARea Lucasfilm Artifact Collector Club) this year! 
  • Toy Fair 2014 action figure reveals for Saga Legends and The Black Series! 
  • Filling in more holes in my action figure collection both vintage and modern! 
  • And finally continuing to grow From 4-LOM to ZuckussGoals this year include a new website layout, updating the figure checklists, providing more reference and figure fun sections, creating a new logo, and about 100 other little things to make it a place Star Wars action figure collectors want to visit.

watermarkAs 2014 will be our last “quiet” year without a movie for awhile (with a new movie slated for each year for the foreseeable future starting in December 2015), let’s enjoy this year and it’s relatively few major Star Wars events because a major Disney-fueled infusion of Star Wars is coming.  And despite all the things that Disney and Hasbro cancelled or withheld in the past year, let’s remain positive (which I struggled to do on the podcast) and trust that this year will be strong with the Force.

Happy New Year everyone and May the Figures be with you in 2014!