Thanks to our good friend Jon Gray, we were alerted to Hasbro Pulse’s listing of the latest PhotoReal update: Boba Fett! This figure which currently is only available at online retailers has been until today only available in The Vintage Collection refresh case which includes: 2x Stormtrooper, 2x Chewbacca, 2x R2-D2, and
2x Boba Fett.

While this figure is listed as a reissue, it actually includes a new paint deco and has PhotoReal face printing tech and while he keeps his original numbering (VC09), the cardback has been updated for 2019.

We have updated our The Vintage Collection Checklist and Visual Guide to include Boba and have adjusted the release dates for the Skiff 3-pack, Skiff vehicle and the Gammorean Guard.

You can currently pick up this figure individually for $12.99 at Hasbropulse.com!