Star_Wars_1_Cassaday_cov-690x1024Although today’s San Diego Comic-Con announcement was expected it was still fantastic to finally hear!  Starting in January, Marvel Comics will once again publish new Star Wars comic books starting with Star Wars #1.  The on-going series takes place right after A New Hope, much like Dark Horse’s current and final series of the same name does.

Starting one month later will be their on-going series entitled Star Wars: Darth Vader Star_Wars_Vader_Granov_Cov-682x1024taking place in the same time frame and showing the rise of The Dark Lord of Sith to his fierce-some self in Empire.

And finally Star Wars: Princess Leia a 5-issue mini-series begins in March.  What struck us immediately is the ascetic of Leia’s uniform as it, much like all Star Wars media projects right now, has its origin with Ralph McQuarrie. Her uniform adopts the concept and colors of the Starkiller Hero design. So for those keeping count, we have Star Wars Episode VII, Star Wars Rebels and now Star Wars Marvel Comics all taking from the late great McQuarrie.

Check out as they continue with their great coverage from the con to read all  the details including preview pages and interviews with the authors of these books.

Now to begin our campaign to bring back the comic two-packs…