Yesterday, Hasbro Pulse on their Instagram page released the percentage breakdown for their recent 40th Anniversary Fan Vote for The Empire Strikes BackThe vote, which was initially hosted here and at other fan sites, came down to Luke and Wedge on the final vote and as we can now see the winner just barely edged ahead.

Now some of these results were interesting while others were predictable. The Hoth Rebel Trooper and Lobot had a huge following across the various social media platforms but clearly did not have the pull on Instagram to pull off a win. They both also had fairly high rankings by all of the fan sites when they were sent to Hasbro for a final vote.


As for the results, we suspect that Hasbro already has plans for releasing a Wedge Antilles Black Series figure sometime this year which allowed Luke to be made as Hasbro pledged to create an entirely new sculpted figure. It would be interesting to see what the results of this poll would be if Hasbro chose to run in on a more public platform like where more than fans with Instagram accounts could have their voices heard as well.