Hasbro has reached out to us to let us know the winner of their Instagram Black Series Fan Vote:

We are thrilled to announce the results of the Star Wars: The Black Series 6-Inch figure Fan Vote, in celebration of Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back 40th Anniversary. The winner is Luke Skywalker (Dagobah)!

Despite Wedge and Lobot showing strong numbers in both the fan site vote and at different stages in the final vote, Luke was declared the winner by Hasbro. We have reason to believe Wedge is currently in the works and headed to The Black Series line sooner than later so this will give the Star Wars sculptors something new to work on and release in 12-18 months.

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WE. HAVE. A. WINNER! Luke Skywalker (Dagobah) will officially go into production thanks to YOU!

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Luke has definitely become a Hasbro favorite in the 6″ line as he has been released numerous times since the line began nearly 6 years ago. And despite having another Stormtrooper Luke already coming later this year the Dagobah version is just one of the versions we still have not received in 6″ form yet. Other potential versions needed in the line are as follows:









This list may only grow as we know Mark Hamill is set to appear in Star Wars Episode IX but until then, as a casual Luke focus collector, we are happy this version is coming to the line and figures crossed it will include an ancient green little Jedi Master on his back.