Birthday Scavenger Hunt – Day 7: The Rec Room & The Final 4 Figures

Welcome to the final entry in my Birthday Scavenger Hunt! Here's your final reminder to make sure to look over the details on how to play and enter to win all of the toys in the prize box by visiting Day 1’s entry. My family's rec room was a place of great joy for my sister and I growing up. The classic faux wood-paneled room hosted parties, holidays and countless hours of play. Here you can see that behind the present opening from my Transformers birthday (seen on Day 5) the room also acted as an on display toy box. I seem to always prattle on about how much I loved the Micro Collection growing up and here it is on display on the top shelf, a place [...]

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RIP Christopher Lee

He commanded many iconic roles but for us here at the late Christopher Lee will always be the wonderfully duplicitous Count Dooku. We were fortunate to get him in three Star Wars films no less and we hope he is celebrating his reunion with his contemporary Governor Tarkin (aka Peter Cushing).

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Gold Leader Celebrates Canada Day

Happy Canada Day to all our friends to the North! We thought we’d take this occasion to share this great little background about Star Wars’ own Rebel Canadian provided by our friend and proud Canadian Mike MacDonald: A little known fact about the original Star Wars is that it features Canadian actor, Angus MacInnes, who has also appeared in Force 10 From Navarone, Witness, Strange Brew (w/ Doug and Bob MacKenzie!) and Hellboy. I thought I’d honour the Canada Day holiday on July 1 by doing a quick little mod to Gold Leader and his Y-Wing. After all, the Empire terrorized the galaxy, surely that reached as far as Earth. Dutch Vander, being a good Canadian and all-around nice guy (as most Canadians are) saw [...]

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