The Sandcrawler Podcast, Action Figure Therapy

Mike "Tarkin" MacDonald, occasional guest writer here at, and his cohost "Dengar" Dan Lizotte, invited me back onto their podcast The Sandcrawler to talk about Celebration Orlando. In Episode #20, you'll find tons of great discussion on not only prepping for Celebration but of Star Wars collecting in general and the real passion the international duo share for the Saga from a galaxy far, far away. Thanks again for the invite gentlemen and for the record, "I love The hook me up with that swag". See you in Orlando - Jake What makes this podcast different than all the rest? We won’t be reading off checklists or talking about where and when to find certain figures or collectibles. There are plenty of other shows that [...]

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Galaxy of Toys Episode 56 – Getting the Troops Back Together

Jason and the gang are back to talk about where all the Hasbro Star Wars action figures are!  There's chat about both upcoming Celebrations as well as what each host will be collecting until September's next ForceFriday. After a lengthy break the whole Galaxy of Toys crew is back together.  This time joined by Mike MacDonald from We talk about what we've been up to, upcoming Star Wars Celebrations and we ask the big question; where are the figures?  All this and more on Episode 56 of Galaxy of Toys Podcast. Make sure to check out Mike's collection, articles and guest appearances (From4-LOMtoZuckuss included) over at ____________________________________________________________________________ About Galaxy of Toys Podcast Galaxy of Toys Podcast is a discussion about Star Wars toys [...]

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Star Wars Sequels and My Collecting Future

by Mike MacDonald It's three weeks after Force Friday as I write this and for the first time since getting back into collecting in 1995 I'm not sure how I will continue to collect Star Wars action figures. Not IF I will collect, mind you, but how to move forward going into the next phase of the now apparently endless Star Wars saga. My Star Wars collection has grown pretty darn big over the past twenty years. Like so many other Star Wars fans, the release of new action figures back in the 90's was my entry back into the Star Wars universe. I've spent this past 20 years putting together a collection of roughly 700-plus items based on budget and display space.  But most [...]

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Remembering ROTS & Midnight Madness 10 Years Later

"Last week Jedi Temple Archives featured an article on the 10th anniversary of the Midnight Madness sales that accompanied the release of Revenge of the Sith back in 2005. And after reading a second post from Jesse Tschopp, I began thinking about this big day in Star Wars collecting history too." "For my family this was really the first Star Wars related event that we actually did as a family. Of course I was the catalyst for this outing but my then 7 year old son was also beginning to amass a pretty decent amount of action figures (yes he wanted them, I wasn't forcing him!).   My then 10 year old daughter who up until then wasn't much into Star Wars, was excited about the [...]

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Galaxy of Toys Episode 40

The hosts of Galaxy of Toys Podcast are joined once again by our friend and Star Wars Blogger Mike MacDonald to chat about a potpourri of Star Wars topics on Episode #40. Also for those attending Celebration Anaheim next month don't forget Galaxy of Toys will be putting on a live show on the Podcast Stage: Galaxy of Toys: Live Podcast The Celebration Podcast Stage room 208AB Saturday, April 18 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm To read more from Mike make sure to check out his site and read his blog "Looking Away to the Horizon" at!

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The (Rebels Toy) Force Awakens At Toys “R” Us in Canada!

"I just returned from an early Christmas shopping excursion and stopped at my Toys “R” Us in Windsor, Ontario.  After a lengthy delay, Rebels action figures have finally arrived in my area.  In fact the entire Star Wars section is FINALLY jam packed with new Star Wars toys. "I picked up five of the new Rebels figures for $6.99 each (minus a 10% discount with my Toys “R” Us/Rebels discount card). They also had the “Reveal the Rebels” three pack featuring the “mystery” Obi Wan Kenobi figure. Oddly enough this was actually cheaper here in Canada than what I paid for last weekend in Michigan by $2. "Lots of discounted 6-inch figures, and a few end caps of regular priced 6-inch biker scouts and Endor [...]

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Star Wars Rebels at Toronto Fan Expo ’14

Our friend and Canadian correspondent Mike MacDonald reports in with his trip to this past weekend's Toronto Fan Expo 2014. I made the drive up the 401 this past Saturday with my family to Toronto Fan Expo.  The crowds were absolutely crazy, I’ve never seen such traffic at a con before.  I’m not sure what the hubbub was about this year that made it so crazy busy but I managed to squeeze through the crowd and make my way to both the LEGO and Star Wars Rebels booths to check things out. First stop was the LEGO booth where there was a big Star Wars presence, after being greeted by full sized LEGO versions of Rocket Raccoon and Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy, that is. Across from the [...]

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Gold Leader Celebrates Canada Day

Happy Canada Day to all our friends to the North! We thought we’d take this occasion to share this great little background about Star Wars’ own Rebel Canadian provided by our friend and proud Canadian Mike MacDonald: A little known fact about the original Star Wars is that it features Canadian actor, Angus MacInnes, who has also appeared in Force 10 From Navarone, Witness, Strange Brew (w/ Doug and Bob MacKenzie!) and Hellboy. I thought I’d honour the Canada Day holiday on July 1 by doing a quick little mod to Gold Leader and his Y-Wing. After all, the Empire terrorized the galaxy, surely that reached as far as Earth. Dutch Vander, being a good Canadian and all-around nice guy (as most Canadians are) saw [...]

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