The Star Wars Action Figure Class of 2013

As we prepare for our end of the year review we have put together a list of every action figure and related accessory released during the past calendar year.  How many did you buy or didn't buy?  Did you collect'em all?  What figures were you excited about and which ones were a let down.  Let us know on our Facebook page! And now without further ado From 4-LOM to Zuckuss presents the Star Wars Action Figure Class of 2013! Movie Heroes (Yoda “Episode II 3D”) Basic Figures - International Exclusives MH01  Darth Vader MH02  Anakin Skywalker MH03  Obi-Wan Kenobi MH04  Battle Droid MH05  R2-D2 MH06  Jango Fett MH07  Darth Maul MH08  Yoda MH09  Sandtrooper Deluxe Class 1 Fleet Vehicles 501st Legion AT-RT ARF Trooper TX-21 Tactical Droid) [...]

Star Wars Rebels Update on Pre-Anniversary of Ep VII

December 18th, 2013 - Star Wars Episode VII is exactly two years away from appearing in movie theaters all over the world.  And despite knowing very little about any of the film's details, fans and collectors alike are looking forward to the next chapter in the Star Wars saga. As filming has yet to commence on the yet untitled film, Hasbro at this point is most likely focusing their next action figure line based of the upcoming animated television show Star Wars Rebels. On this future anniversary of Star Wars' next cinematic debut released another interview with the creators of Rebels. And while no new information was revealed in the interview, we did catch a glimpse of what appears to be a Hasbro [...]

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Amazon’s Droid Factory “Mini-Series” Hightlights

When the Droid Factory line, last seen in the Legacy Collection of 2010, was cancelled many collectors were sad to see it go.  The build-a-droid feature was a great way to obtain droid figures whom would most likely never would have been carded by Hasbro due to their obscurity and it was a better bang for collectors buck.  For every 4 or 6 figures purchased you would get an extra figure for free.  The build-a-droid feature disappeared from retail stores but took on a life of its own at Disney parks and stores.  Disney took the idea of building droids (specifically astromechs) and gave visitors to the parks the ability to create literally thousands of versions of droids out of 71 different parts.  Now for [...]

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