It appears that Hasbro is pulling a few new tricks out of their bag. In the newest wave of Mission Series packs from the Rebels Saga Legends line Hasbro has created a holster which can fit a sidearm much bigger than the acutal holster. Here you can see Cikatro Vizago’s blaster next to his holster.

photo 2 (79)

The blaster is clearly longer but once you place the pistol in the holster you can see that it fits completely into the holster.

photo 3 (61)

Hasbro’s new design allows the weapon to go inside the figures leg thus keeping the accurate dimensions of the character’s accessories as seen in the computer animated series.

This is a simple yet very effective feature for this 5POA figure.  This takes us back to discovering that Kenner’s Han Solo in Hoth Outfit could also “holster” his weapon by pushing the blaster’s power pack into his holster’s strap…good times.

In addition to this feature his is a great figure in sculpt and deco and captures the scoundrel character exactly as he is seen is the series. His bodyguard droid is quality figure as well, despite the really not limbs which can not bend. The one complaint would be that this Ralph McQuarrie IG-88 concept figure lacks the blaster rifle as seen on the package. The one pictured below was borrowed from Mission Series 11’s IG-88.

The scoundrel Cikatro Vizago, often accompanied by his IG-RM Droid bodyguards, smuggles cargo past the Imperial blockades that surround the planet Lothal.

This IG-RM (Ralph McQuarrie) figure hopefully will lend itself to multiple repaints in the future as Vizago keeps a veritable rainbow of them around in the show.


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