This past weekend Chris from and Jake of made a toy run to some of the more popular toy and antique shops south of Seattle. Always on the lookout for variations, holes in the collection and figure upgrades these two Star Wars figure completest had a lot of fun looking at what the area had to offer. For $15 and with the addition of a spare canopy, Jake ended up with an upgraded vintage “Battle Damaged’ X-Wing Fighter minus the battle damage.

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The final leg of their run ended with a trip to the legendary Toy Stable (now officially called “Toy Stable’s Attic”).  The toy store, located literally among real working horse stables on the property of the previous owner Lynne Husted, has undergone some renovations over the last eight months since the new owner Chris Fowler was taken over.  Now boosting a much more “store” atmosphere than the previous incarnation that included nooks and crannies of long forgotten 70’s and 80’s toys and memorabilia, the toy shop now has an expanded emphasis on the most recent modern collectibles. No longer staffed by the singular and incredibly all-knowing vintage action figures and toy line guru Lynne, the stable now plays host to multiple employees who are very knowledgeable in focus areas such as GI Joe, Transformers and the like. Regardless of the updates and changes it is still a very fun place for one looking to take a trip down memory lane, to find a missing piece or to begin a new collection.

We have added these photos to our Tusken Toy Raiders page where we feature photos of cool or unique toy stores that sell or feature Star Wars action figures. You can check them out by clicking here.