February 18th marks the beginning of the annual event put on the by Toy Industry Association, Inc. in New York City.  Toy Fair provides companies a showcase to debut new products that are set to be released throughout the year while trying to woo retailers into supporting their brands. While Toy Fair is open to the press only, they have produced a number to exclusive products in years past. With each major event in which Star Wars has a presence, we’ll be providing coverage on all Star Wars action figure-related news and updates throughout the weekend and show.

This year, in the lead-up to Toy Fair, Hasbro has released a preview of what’s in store for collectors and fans through a few different major media outlets.

~ February 3rd ~

Hasbro drops a press release debuting the 4th wave of Rogue One 3 3/4″ figures plus a new VS. 2-pack.

~ February 9th ~

Gizmodo provides the first look at the new Titanium and Centerpiece Black Series line which Hasbro follows up with a press release.

~ February 15th ~

The Star Wars Show announces Hasbro’s Celebration Orlando 6″ Black Series exclusive.


~ February 16th ~ was tasked with announcing Force Friday II (September 1st, 2017), debuting the package design for The Last Jedi and giving us our first look at Rey, Finn and Poe from Episode VII.


~ February 18th ~

Appears there will be indeed a 6″ Early Bird set.

Obvious yet needs to be stated, Hasbro confirms that no Episode VIII product will be shown at Toy Fair.  Star Wars booth section in the video below begins at 9:00 minutes in.


At Hasbro’s panel today they revealed their 40th Anniversary line up of Black Series figures in which Wave 1 is currently in stock at


Hasbro also announced we will indeed by getting both a Jawa and Death Squad Trooper to round out the first 12 figures, which will join Tusken, Stormtrooper, Chewbacca, C-3PO for Wave 2.

40th Anniversary product will run the entire year.

Vader will come in a Legacy Pack that includes a display stand for all 12 figures as seen below. dropped an article featuring 6″ figures photographed by fans in honor of the 40th Anniversary.


Also announced was a 6″ R5-D4 that will be exclusive to Entertainment Earth, a Target exclusive AT-ACT Driver, and apparently images of Jedi Master Luke were shown as well.

In the 3 3/4″ realm, the next wave of Walmart Black Series figures was announced and will include a prototype Boba Fett, Sandtrooper, Tusken Raider and Walrus Man.

Next up in the Centerpiece line will be Darth Vader.

Although unannounced it appears we will be getting a new 5POA Boba Fett:


Thanks to our friend eagle-eyed @DengarDan on Twitter, who let us know about Bespin 5POA Han Solo which will be joining Boba for a two-pack:

~ February 19th ~

We have received official press photos from Hasbro from yesterday’s panel presentation.

Hasbro’s Steve Evans confirmed that those who did not order the first wave of 6″ 40th Anniversary Collection figures, will have to wait until their official release in April.

There appears to be some discrepancy within Hasbro as to which retailer will carry the R5-D4 6″ Vintage figure.  Steve Evans referred to this figure as being an Entertainment Earth exclusive.  This came as news to’s Adam Paulus who works with EE and is contrary to what the press photo states as it being exclusive to Game Stop as first reported by


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