On this week’s episode of the award winning drama, This Is Us, vintage Kenner Star Wars action figures were featured prominently. Spoiler Warning! In order to explain the following images we’ll discuss the plot of the winter premier episode, “The Last Seven Weeks”.

When mother-to-be Kate Pearson (played by Chrissy Metz) convinces her husband to sell his collectibles on display in order to make a nursery, a love collection of vintage figures from the Original Trilogy can be seen.





Once Toby Damon (played by Chris Sullivan aka Taserface from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2) sells his figures, his immediate regret is seen and felt by his wife. So she orders a bunch of replace figures from eBay to pass them off as his originals. But since his original Chewbacca was thoroughly mangled and the replacement was not, he quickly sees through her ruse but appreciates the gesture.



He then returns the favor by having a custom football stadium created for her like the one her father gave her as a child. He then filled it with his new figures.



Hats off to the prop department for providing true vintage figures for this episode. Only Kenner figures, playsets, ships and creatures were shown in the episode and no Hasbro modern toys were to be found (which is very typical of Hollywood productions).

A huge thanks to all who reached out to let us know about this appearance (which we assuredly would have missed as we were busy finishing The Runaways in anticipation of the release of The Punisher season 2 this week.)

Look for these images to be added to our ever-growing database of Star Wars action figure appearances in film and television. Check out Lights! Camera! Action (Figures)! and let us know what other Kenner and/or Hasbro cameos in film or television we are missing!

Until then,

May the Figures Be with you!