The Sandcrawler Podcast returns for the mid-Summer action figure therapy you need to get you through the dog days! Join Mac, Dan and Jake as they break down the Hasbro releases and announcements from the past month!

It has been AWHILE! We’re back after a lengthy break and there is a ton of Star Wars collecting news to catch up on. This week’s show notes are a necessity so be sure to click on the links below to keep up!

Seattle Krakens join NHL (not Star Wars, we know)

Star Wars movies pushed back in release schedule

In “I Wanted Everything” Jake picks up the first wave of the kid-focused Mission Fleet, Dan adds to his Power of the Force collection including an awesome mail-away toy and Mac picks up a vintage item that he always wanted as a kid.

We dive into all the Star Wars collecting news going back into June and have an in-depth discussion on the next Haslab project and what it could be.

Hasbro Pulse Fan First Monday June 23 Livestream

Listeners FB comments on Carbon Freeze play set 

Clone Wars Black Series

Hasbro Pulse Monday July 20

Target/Galaxy’s Edge 

Target’s Star Wars launch page

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