The Sandcrawler Podcast is back in 2021 with Episode #107! Join hosts Mike Tarkin and Dengar Dan as they torture Jake Stevens with his pet peeves and all three discuss some of the best Black Series and Vintage Collection figures released in 2020! Tune in and let us know your thoughts on the best figs of the last 12 months!

It’s our first show of the new year! And after the year the world went through last year, it’s reason to celebrate!

This week we catch up on new Star Wars finds (and other franchises) in I Wanted Everything and Jake asks the question But Where Did The Pins Go?  Getting the Din Djarin/The Child Build Up Pack was a pain for most collectors. How did you make out?  If you haven’t gotten it yet, check out our photo gallery.

T-shirt company mentioned by Mac:

We take a quick detour into the world of Star Wars short stories (and a spiral down into the world of Clerks 2)  with the “A Certain Point of View….” series.  Some great stuff in those books but are they better or worse than the Legends “Tales of….” Series?

Washington State Toy Show Monday January 25th ONLINE LIVE SHOW

Mac’s solution for displaying the Razor Crest thanks to IKEA.

Adding lights to the Vintage Collection Carbon Freezing Chamber Play Set

We take a look at our favourite action figures from 2020 including The Black Series and The Vintage Collection.  It’s a fun discussion, showcasing what makes everyone different as collectors.  What were your favourites? Let us know on our social media pages.

This Friday tune in to the First Hasbro Fan First of 2021 

Watch Mac’s appearance on the SWC+ Roundtable for a discussion on Rogue One

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