The Star Wars Saga Legends Rebels line has just begun to ship in large numbers to retailers and already we have our first variant.  A couple of collector sites last week have already announced this but there is a variant out there of the Ezra Bridger included in the Toys ‘R’ Us exclusive Mission Series Jedi Reveal 3-pack.

ezra varriants

The first version (pictured on the left above) includes an insignia on Ezra’s jacket with very little detail when compared to the second (corrected) version.

The reason for the two differing variations is yet unknown but this is something that can be common at the beginning of a new figure line.  It reminds us of the two significantly different variations of the first Darth Maul figure released in the Episode 1 line in 1999.  It too was corrected shortly after its initial release.

maul 1 maul2

Now acquiring both of these versions could prove to be a challenge for many as the insignia is not discernible without opening the package. Also this will be a fairly costly variant as the exclusive retails for $19.99 at the toy store which collectors will be ultimately paying for just the one figure.

Both variations have been found in the exclusive Mission Series set but only the corrected one has been found on the single card releases so far.

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Good luck to all the variation hunters and;

May the Figures be with you!