storeyWe couldn’t have been happier to read the latest entry, written by fellow collector Steve Sansweet, posted to the official Star Wars Blog.  Disney’s purchase of Lucasfilm, and its pricey Star Wars franchise, continues to happily surprise us.  Sansweet’s blog post introduced us to the faces behind The Disney Store’s recent Star Wars immersion and what a joy it was to discover that the Vice President of Sales for North America is a hardcore collector!

Jonathan Storey is a lifelong Star Wars collector and clearly has brought his passion into The Disney Stores and their new merchandise.  From 4-LOM to Zuckuss must confess to being fans of the new talking 13″ figures, the plush Bantha and are looking forward to picking up the figurine sets. Storey’s knowledge of the Star Wars brand will most likely cause reductions in many a collector’s bank account, as apparent with how he views The Disney Store employee:

“It’s up to them to know the story and tell it with confidence; they’re not just selling an R2-D2 item, but a plucky little droid that saved the heroes throughout the saga.” 

As Storey is clearly a not only a vintage but modern figure collector, this begs the question as if he can persuade Hasbro to create exclusives as the have done in the past for Disney’s theme parks.  Either way, we now have a solid reason to visit The Disney Store often and even without the kids in tow.

And this is just the start. “We’ll continue to build on the experience withStar Wars Rebels and then Episode VII and beyond,” Storey says. 

Nothing but good times ahead for Star Wars collectors and until next time, 

May the Figures be with you!