More Kenner in Star Wars Rebels

Now that The Force Awakens hype has begun to simmer down just a bit after a month of destroying all-time movie records Lucasfilm has begun shifting their focus by releasing the trailer for the second half of Star Wars Rebels Season 2. And with this action-packed trailer comes a bunch of guest-stars from the Star Wars universe.  Joining Ahsoka and Rex, this season will feature characters from The Clone Wars such as Hera's father Cham Syndulla as well as a few Jedi Temple Guards (with one having a very Snoke-ish tone) followed by a Matt Lanter-voiced Anakin Skywalker via a Holocron. Returning from The Prequels will be Bail Organa and the undefeatable Darth Maul whom is now referred to as "Old Master". Thanks to Matt [...]