Figure Thoughts: The Hero’s Journey of Episode VII

This week's massive Episode VII (spoiler) concept art leak got us thinking about the cyclical nature of Star Wars and how the next chapter will mirror what has been depicted in the past while making its own distinct mark on the Saga. With Star Wars Rebels' debut earlier this month, the "Hero's Journey" has begun anew.  This newest journey of Ezra Bridger's marks Star Wars' fourth time using this monomyth, with yet another on the horizon. We have seen two cinematic versions culminate in two vastly different ways; one who returns victorious and another who makes it out of the transformative abyss only to fail in completing his journey. The destinies of our television heroes remain unclear as at this point their journey has either been abandoned or has [...]

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Happy Labor Day!

We would like to wish a Happy Labor Day to all the Ugnaughts, Rancor Keepers, WA-7 Waitress Droids, Wuhers, Moisture Farmers, Space Pilots, ASP Labor Droids and all others who make our and the galaxy far, far away work! "When you care to send the very best - you say it with Star Wars action figures!" For more Holiday Greetings click the pic above to view our gallery.  

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