Doctor Aphra Wins

The final results of Hasbro's Fan Figure Poll have comic character Doctor Aphra winning with nearly 19.5 thousand votes while long time collector favorites Yak Face and Sim Aloo coming in with 5,000 and 3,300 votes respectively. These results were captured at 11:59 AM today just one minute before the poll closed. upon closing the poll posted the following: UPDATE 5/2: Thank you for voting! The poll is now closed — stay tuned for an official winner announcement on May the 4th! Unless a different figure is announced on Thursday, look for this figure to join the return of The Vintage Collection in Spring '18.

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Hasbro’s Fan Figure Vote Round-Up

Last week during Star Wars Celebration Orlando, Hasbro asked a few dozen Star Wars action figure blogs, websites, Instagramers and podcasters to host the first round of nominations for this year’s Fan Figure Vote. The nominations were cast for the figure fans would most like to see created in 3 ¾” scale and included in next year’s return of The Vintage Collection. The nomination process closed last Wednesday with the results needing to be submitted to Hasbro by midday last Friday. Most sites, including, published their top six nominations which were chosen by fan submission this past weekend. Unbeknownst to most, this year’s first-round voting process would spark some controversy with several sites due to the characters their listeners/readers/followers nominated. Unhappy with the large [...]

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