This week we are headed to Star Wars Celebration Anaheim and wanted to share our plans for the long-overdue celebration of all things Star Wars! While we are joining in on the fun in Southern California, you too can join in on the reveals and exclusive interviews by following our social media accounts.

Jake Stevens will be on hand all weekend and as always he will have save some SWAG. This year one of the pieces will be a button for your show lanyards which has some vintage Star Wars action figure elements as part of its design. If you know the origins, let Jake know for a potential bonus swag piece (while supplies last).

We look forward to seeing old friends and making new ones while waiting in lines! This will be our 20th anniversary of going to Star Wars Celebrations and we are excited to share it with all in attendance! Here is where to find us at the show:


9:30 Interview with Citizen

11:00 LFL Showcase Panel – Celebration Stage

4:30 The History of Kenner’s Rocket Firing Fett – Collector’s Stage

Evening – Disneyland/Galaxy’s Edge


12:00 Making an Action Figure – Modern Prototypes – Collector’s Stage

2:00 Disney Merch Panel

3:30 Hasbro Panel

5:45  Ewan McGregor

9:00 Disney After Dark: Star Wars Nite


11:00 Interview with Hasbro Star Wars Brand Team

12:00 Beyond 1985: The Legacy of Kenner Star Wars Action Figures hosted by Jake Stevens and Matthew Fox – Collector’s Stage

1:00 Q&A with Jake Stevens and Matthew Fox – Collector’s Lounge

2:30 Tales of the Jedi – Celebration Stage


10:30 Collecting Track Thank You Event

11:00 Bad Batch Season 2 – Celebration Stage

3:30 Kenner Star Wars Special Action Figure Sets (3 Packs) – A Comprehensive Guide – Collector’s Stage

Evening – Downtown Disney