Attendees of San Deigo Comic-Con next week will be treated to a sneak preview figure from The Rise of Skywalker! At Hasbro’s booth on the show floor, lucky fans will have the chance to purchase an “Early Release Edition” of a Sith Trooper, a new agent of the First Order in Episode IX.

This all-new trooper will retail for $32 and will be available at Booth #3329. This figure which was reported on both and The Star Wars Show, will be available, in different versions, from numerous retailers at the convention.

The debut of this character generates so many questions regarding the evolution of The First Order and the secrecy regarding the plot of The Rise of Skywalker. Will Kylo following in his Grandfather’s footsteps and become a Sith? Are these troopers assigned to Palpatine, who’s been confirmed to be in the film? Will they be specialized soldiers of the First Order or the new norm of the galaxy controlling regime?  So many questions which we are still 5 months away from knowing for sure. What is for sure has that come October, we expect to see plenty of these in various forms at the launch of Triple Force Friday.


Who do you think the Sith Troopers are? Let us know on social and hopefully, just hopefully, we’ll know more at SDCC or D23 this Summer.

But until then,

May the Figures be with you!