Last night during Thursday’s primetime Olympics the first full trailer for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story debuted.  The trailer expanded on many of the scenes shown in the both the teaser trailer and the sizzle reel from Star Wars Celebration Europe London.  The following are some of the new highlights as seen in the latest trailer for the movie that is set to be released in just four months.

New reveals included the U-Wing troop transport, which was announced last week on The Star Wars Show.


The reveal of a peninsula city under the appearance of Imperial occupation.


The true menacing size of ex-Imperial droid K-2SO.


X-Wings making a strafing run on some sort of Imperial installation in the rain.


Presumably, the heroes escaping a planetary storm…or destruction.


Sgt. Erso either meeting her end or her ride.


The evil look of an AT-ACT being hit with a SAM fired by our hereos.


Our first look at an inverted Death Star which led to the Tweet that follows.


And finally, the first public appearance of the true star of the entire Saga. Vader was teased at Celebration Europe last month but only for audiences in attendance.


The excitement for this film will most likely continue to build over the next month as on the 30th we will see the official release of the first wave of Rogue One merchandise.  While Hasbro has stated there will be no further public releases of information about what will be available on September 30th, we expect retail and overseas images to leak which will help to provide a clearer picture of what we’ll be purchases in seven weeks from today.

Until “#ForceFriday”,

May the Figures be with you,