A fellow Washingtonian and listener of TOY RUN, J.R., sends in a report and image of what appears to be a 3 3/4″ Scarif Stormtrooper (or Shoretrooper) variant. Of note in the image provided, is the missing white and black stripe on the trooper’s left shoulder.

Both of the troopers pictured were purchased at the same store on the same day, according to J.R.. At first, we assumed this could be a running change from Wave 3 to Wave 4 but this was not the case as both versions that we, and, have obtained from both waves featured the black and white stripes.

Fred Meyer, the store in which these originated from, have begun receiving Wave 3 of the Rogue One and therefore the likelihood this is simply an error within Wave 3 seems more probable as a running change and/or purposeful variant would have shown up in the Wave 4 shipment we received.

If you have any information about this stripe-less-figure, or have found one yourself, let us know but emailing us at or by reaching out to any of our social pages.

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May the Figures be with you!