HASSW99004-2TThe toy e-tailer Dorksidetoys appears to be expecting a couple of figures in The Black Series which have yet to be officially announced by Hasbro.  The AT-RT Driver, which was last released as the 46th figure in The Vintage Collection, is slated to be re-released in Wave 5 of the collector focused The Black Series.  Allegedly joining this figure will be the highly desired Republic Trooper.  Not only is this recycled figure from The Vintage Collection as well but it will be the first time this figure will be available in brick and mortar stores as it was originally an online retail exclusive.


Now its interesting to note that Dorksidetoys offers these figures up for pre-sell as part of Wave 5 along with:

  • #26  Darth Vader (Episode III)
  • #28  Ree-Yees
  • #29  Wedge Antilles
  • Doallyn (Brock Starsher)

These two figures, according this toy store, appear to have replaced the officially announced Wave 5 figures Luke Skywalker (Hoth Gear) and R5-G19.

Time will tell, as well as San Diego Comic-Con most likely, when or if these figures will be released but for now we will halfheartedly expect them in the 3rd quarter.

May the Figure be with you!