In what is almost a page out of Hasbro’s #GoRogue campaign, there are a few new Star Wars action figure stop-motion sponsored ads that have surfaced on social media. The “commercials” are produced by HelloSociety which specializes in social media influencing, and appear to be made on the behalf of Wal*Mart.


The Galaxy of Adventures line is now in its third wave and appears to be what Hasbro and their partnered retailers are currently focusing on until this Fall when Triple Force Friday hits in October.



While it is unclear as to how many of these ads are out there, the Boba Fett one is aptly timed as the Boba Fett episode of Galaxy of Adventures on Star Wars Kids just premiered one week ago.

Now if only we can find the bounty hunter in stores as he has become difficult to find at retail and is typically the first to sell. With Lucasfilm continuing to produce GOA shorts online it begs the question on whether we will see new waves or sets (as some sites have hinted at) in the future to support this series. While the idea behind the line is sound, core characters being offered to kids and new fans with a comic book and link to an online video, there seems to be a finite life to this line as it centers mostly around the main characters of the Skywalker Saga. So with the final chapter of the story debuting this December, will we see the Galaxy of Adventures discontinue when The Rise of Skywalker merchandise appears in October? We may know more in just a few weeks when Hasbro delivers their annual presentation at San Diego Comic Con 2019.


Until then,
May the Figures be with you!