This past month, Collectors in the UK have been treated to an unannounced 12″ Hero Series vehicle multipack. The set consists of what appears to be a repack of the 12″ Darth Vader that has been a part of the modern 12″ line since 2013 and a repaint of last year’s Biker Scout and Speeder Bike set. This set has been found so far only at Asada and no word if this will be an exclusive or not.


A huge thanks to Paddy B. for the images and we have now added this multipack to our 12″ Action Figure Hero Series Checklist, the only complete modern 12″ checklist on the web (mostly because this is a kid-focused line and not directed toward nor of interest to adult collectors).


We look forward to hopefully learning more about this set at Star Wars Celebration in just under two weeks!

Until then,

May the Figures be with you!