One thing we love, is finding Star Wars action figures pop-up in media and so when we are looking for new appearances we look to our resident expert Dan Geister. Dan has the sharpest eye for finding figure cameos and since we have been on quarantine there have been a lot of discoveries due to our new normal of watching an abundance of new and old media. So let’s begin our update to our Lights! Camera! Action (Figures)! database with an update to a pre-existing entry!

Dan sent along this update for a sequel to one of the few horror films in the database.

1987 – Silent Night, Deadly Night Part 2

90813845_568434034025049_3330421046951018496_n (1)

The 1985 film Joey, which was released in North America under the name Making Contact, as Dan points out with proof might just hold the record for Kenner Star Wars in all of the ’80s!
I see you’ve already got this movie up on your site, but I think its way underrepresented to what actually is in the movie. I’ve attached some screenshots of things missing that are not featured on Lights! Camera! Action (Figures)! as of yet from Making Contact aka Joey. I think its the most loaded film out there from the 1980s with Kenner items for sure. 1 and 1 a feature the Imperial Troop Transport in box. 2 features Bespin Han Solo along with a Royal Guard without his cape. 3 features FX7. 4 and 4 A Feature Slave 1. 5 features Squid Head. 6 on the shelves you can clearly see the Ewok Village and the Falcon. 7 has a death star droid, Hoth Leia, the Royal Guard without the cloak and Weequay by a radio. 8 features the At-At along with that Royal Guard again and a Rebel Transport (pretty sure). 9 finally features the Falcon and some ties flying – their key scene in the movie. Hopefully you can expand that movie coverage. As you can tell I love looking for cameos!

1985 – Joey (aka Making Contact)

pic #1










Our next update was alerted to us by Dan that Rebel Force Radio posted an appearance found in the 2018 Oscar-nominated documentary Hale County. The figure in question appears to be a Goss Toowers figure from The Force Awakens line from 2015.

2018 – Hale County


Next up is the ’80s gem Monster Squad! As you can see in the image Dan sent, a shell of a Kenner Snowspeeder rests up against Eugene’s dresser.

1987 – Monster Squad


From a show, I have been told a thousand times I need to watch, Dan sends in one from The Goldbergs.

In The Goldbergs Season 6 episode Bohemian Rap City, Murry is trying to convince Adam to give up his toy hobby and collect stamps. At the end of the episode it shows real Adam versus TV Adam’s battle with Transformers and Star Wars figures. That’s what the screenshot is from.

2018 – The Goldbergs “Bohemian Rap City” (Season 6) 


In the short film Peter’s To-Do List, included on the Spider-Man: Far From Home DVD, Peter Parker decides to park with some of his Star Wars figures to buy MJ a necklace. In the end, he just couldn’t part with his Kenner Lobot and takes him back home with him. Lobot can be seen in Dan’s image below.

2019 – Peter’s To-Do List


Now the cool thing about Dan is he is out to watch 1,000 movies from the 1980’s. In doing his research he stumbled across a Kenner Remote Controlled R2-D2.

I have not yet watched this movie, but watching random trailers of movies I skipped earlier in the decade. This is a shot from the trailer of Harlequin, a 1980 Australian movie. The shot goes by fast and perhaps maybe more in the actual movie.

1980 – Harlequin


Who remembers the Rutger Hauer film with the synopsis: A blind Vietnam vet, trained as a swordfighter, comes to America and helps to rescue the son of a fellow soldier? Well Dan did and his eagle eye caught Jabba hanging out on the bookshelf.

1989 – Blind Fury


The short film Love Bug has a great little cameo but a few familiar faces and Dan sent along the link to watch on YouTube.

2009 – Love Bug


In another film festival short film, a Hasbro 12″ Vader does battle and what looks like a Kenner Royal Guard lays among the fallen.

2013 – Young Wonder

Our final short film entry includes a loaded AT-AT in the horror-comedy, Monster Problems which must take place during the ’80s based on the appearance of Castle Grayskull, Jetfire, and a Kenner Chewie plush among others. Thanks to Dan you can watch it here!

2015 – Monster Problems


Now if you the lighting is just right you’ll be able to make out this next one which appeared on a bookshelf in 1986.

1986 – Deadtime Stories


It’s best to Dan explain this last action figure update for this edition:

Here’s another one, an AT-AT in the 1986 movie Willy/Milly starring Pamela Adlon (best known as the voice of Bobby Hill on King of the Hill), Patty Duke, and Seth Green. It’s basically a version of Just One of the Guys, but in this case, this girl grows a penis by doing a ritual on her porch.

1986 – Willy/Milly



Bonus Posts

While not a Star Wars action figure, it is a Kenner classic toy so here is an unknown episode of Growing Pains. Image courtesy of CT Edwards and thanks again to Dan for the heads up.

1985ish – Growing Pains


Keeping with Kenner’s lightsabers, they make another appearance but this time in 1988. Dan notes, “the scene is right at the beginning of the movie. I liked it better than a more recent divorce movie – Marriage Story”.

1988 – Necessary Parties


That’s it for our biggest update to Lights! Camera! Action (Figures)! Look for these to be added to the actual page in the next day or so and as always, if you see figures show up in the movies or shows you are watching while sheltering in place, please drop us a line as we would love to add them to the database!

Until next time,
May the Figures be with you!