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As we (im)patiently wait for the two new action figures series (The Black Series and Saga Legends) to be released this fall, 4LOMKUSS.COM is breaking down the stats of the first wave of The Black Series announced to be released.

The Black Series: Wave 1

  • Padme Amidala (AOTC)
  • Clone Trooper Sergeant (AOTC)
  • Anakin Skywalker (AOTC)
  • Biggs Darklighter (Pilot)
  • Luke Skywalker (Ceremonial)
  • Darth Vader (Bespin)
  • Biker Scout
  • Clone Pilot (ROTS)*

*The Clone Pilot pictured resembles that of an Episode II Clone Pilot but in press materials it is referred to as an Episode III Clone Pilot.  As a typo is the more likely answer we will, until further notice or release, assume it is indeed an Episode II Clone Pilot.


Figures by Source

50% – Attack of the Clones

25% – A New Hope

12.5% – The Empire Strikes Back

12.5% – Return of the Jedi


Figures by Gender

87.5% – Male

12.5% – Female


Figures by Virtue

75% – Hero

25% – Villain


Figures by Affiliation

37.5% – Republic

25% – Jedi

12.5% – Empire

12.5% – Rebel

12.5% – Sith


Figures by Species

100% – Human