Jad Bean is back with another great set of action figure themed t-shirts!  If you’re not familiar with Jad’s work then you’ll want check out our interview with him we did last year.  Jad has provided us with a break down about this newest work to feature vintage Kenner Star Wars toys.

“Because Action Figures”


“This is me in ultimate troll mode. I love those memes that go around where it’s a picture of Gandalf, with a quote from Yoda, attributed to Dumbledore, or other such nerd-rage-inducing combinations. I asked myself, how could I do that one better, and incorporate the 80’s action figures that I love so much? I had just recently acquired a beautiful, complete vintage tauntaun; once I realized my ’85 Snake Eyes would fit in the trapdoor perfectly, the rest of the design came to me instantly.”

“I believe I’ve incorporated the six most dominant toy lines of the 80’s, though that’s always open to debate. Apologies to Jake for not including his beloved Starcom!” [editor’s note – you’re not forgiven]

“Turn Down For Hutt”


“For my latest shirt, I have to give full credit to my wife Mary for this wordplay concept. She clearly keeps up on the music scene better than I do, since I had never heard of this song “Turn Down For What”, by DJ Snake & Lil Jon. The phrase “Turn Down For Hutt” actually came to her in a dream; I did not ask why she was dreaming of dancing intergalactic gangster space slugs! The challenge here was to invoke the memorable visuals of the video along with the text of the pun. If you haven’t seen the video yet, check it out here; it’s decidedly NSFW.”

“Fortunately, Jabba is the perfect character to imagine crashing through a ceiling, and since I only collect vintage, I already had the figure. If the original song had been “Turn Down For Grotto” and Mary had been dreaming of Toydarians, I don’t know what I would have done!”

“In addition to these Star Wars-centric designs, I’ve made several new ones that reference He-Man, Lego, Play-Doh, and more! They are all available as t-shirts, greeting cards, tote bags, or even stickers! Find me and my artwork online at www.JadBean.com and MTFBWY!”

Thanks Jad and we look forward to getting our “Turn Down the Hutt” t-shirt we are ordering and seeing more Kenner inspired shirts in the future!