Sister Lines is a list of Star Wars action figure related toys and accessories that originated from other toys lines or were later used in non-Star Wars lines.

Well thanks to our friends at Galaxy of Toys we have another figure to add to our Sister Lines database. In 2009, Hasbro once again double-dipped into their mold library for a GI Joe Convention exclusive. Each year since 1997, the GIJoeCon has been held and as its popularity has grown so has their exclusives. It is currently sponsored by Hasbro’s Official GI Joe Collectors’ Club and with this sponsorship comes lots of club and convention exclusives.

The International JUMP Jet 2-Pack was one of the many convention exclusives offered that year. The set included two Joes (Sgt. Manleh and Starduster) with jet packs that included Boba Fett’s jet pack flames from his 2004 Original Trilogy Collection release.

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And it also noteworthy to point out that this figure came with a GI Joe figure stand that began shipping in 2007 in Joe’s 25th Anniversary line which is molded after the Star Wars 2006 The Saga Collection stand with of course a GI Joe logo in place of the Star Wars one.

To learn more about other action figure lines who have used Star Wars parts and vice versa, check out our Sister Lines page.

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