We had a massive amount of entries for this 2-Pack and the winner and congratulations goes to CRAZYFORLEGO on Instagram! Madison Dunn is the winner of our Ahsoka & Vader 2-Pack giveaway! Per entry directions Dunn LIKED our post and TAGGED a fellow collector; who we want to give a shout out to. THEKENNERBOY has some fantastic photos on his Instagram which any vintage and modern collector would appreciate. As stated below, we wanted to show our appreciation to the great many fans who love toy and action figure collecting and help to support each other in the hobby!

“We here at have had some incredible luck in tracking down the latest figures from The Force Awakens. We owe quite a bit of thanks in part to our fellow area collectors who excel at maintaining a collecting community that supports each other without markups or quid pro quos. And so with many collectors experiencing empty pegs still a week and a half after #ForceFriday, we thought it would only be fair to pay some of our good fortune forward.”

CRAZYFORLEGO please contact us at with your mailing address and we’ll be sure to get these ex-Jedi out to you this week!

Thanks again to the many collectors keeping the hobby a positive place and until the next giveaway,

May the Figures be with you!