Star Wars action figures are awesome! More than just movie toys; they have been a staple in toy aisles for decades, become pop culture icons and are credited for jump-starting the collectability of action figure toys the world over. We here atFrom 4-LOM to Zuckuss appreciate what Lucasfilm, Kenner and Hasbro have created so much so that we have dedicated ourselves to covering all things Star Wars action figure related and that’s where you come in!
We are seeking out those who share our passion, to share their thoughts and memories of playing with and collecting those amazing little figures from a galaxy far, far away.


4LOMKUSS: Christopher thanks so much for chatting with us. We like many others on the Facebooks this past week, came across your incraaKW5A1830edible designs for original retro-style cardbacks for Hasbro’s current Rebels line. What was your inspiration in creating these?

Christopher: I’ve been working on restoring the Vintage style cardbacks from the “ground up” for some time now. I want to create something that looks Vintage but is completely original. The DROIDS/EWOKS line greatly inspired my custom REBELS cards.

4LOMKUSS: Now are you an action figure collector and if so what is your focus?

Christopher: I am not a collector at all. The new Rebels line drew me in. Prior to that my focus on collecting had been color high resolution images of Star Wars set still photographs that I either did myself from press kit slides or obtained through press kit DVDs.

4LOMKUSS: Do you have a favorite line of figures?

Christopher: My current favorite is now the 6″ Black Series. I have been using them as props for my product photography. I love them. They pose, they are detailed, and they don’t have that “model attitude” while in front of the camera ;).

4LOMKUSS: A favorite character?

Christopher: My favorite character is Darth Vader by far. Just something about that mask, the cape, and the red light saber.

4LOMKUSS: A favorite all-time figure?

aaKW5A1819Christopher: My favorite all time figure is the original Power of the Force Han Solo in Carbonite. I can remember my father taking me to our local Toys R Us looking for the Anakin on a card and opening a sealed case of figures and taking out the Han. I thought it was the coolest thing to be the first person to take it out of the case.

4LOMKUSS: Is design your trade or hobby? If trade, what is your dream job? If hobby, what other lines have you or do you want to create custom cardbacks for?

Christopher: Photography is actually my trade. I have photographed Professional Sports in the New York City area since 1996. Design came secondary with the mainstream use of digital imaging. I have been working on a digital platform since around 1998.

My dream job is to become a set still photographer for Bad Robot and work with JJ Abrams or for Lucasfilm and work with Kathleen Kennedy. They are such creative people and I know I can be a great asset to their companies with my photography and design experience.

That’s the photography side of my “dream job”. As far as design is concerned I’d love to become a production artist and photographer for Hasbro – working on the Star Wars line.

4LOMKUSS: Now, if you are ready, its time to face the 4LOMKUSS in a round of rapid-fire questions that we call:

~ 4LOMKUSS Unleashed ~

Figures: For play or display? Display.

Your first Star Wars action figure? The Original Stormtrooper.

Your Star Wars “Holy Grail”? An AFA90 quality 12 Back Vader.

Vintage Yakface: Have it, Want it, Pass on it! Want it.

Best vintage figure? Darth Vader.

Better girlfriend: Hera or Sabine? Sabine.

Number of figures you have? Because I am working on so many projects right now, over 200.

Episode _____ is the best! Five.aaKW5A1834

Vlix: Have it, Want it, Who the hell is that! Want it!!! The ultimate “Holy Grail”.

Would rather be: A Wampa or a Rancor? Wampa – I hate the heat!!!

Which lost accessory do you miss the most? For some reason I always remember looking for Luke’s light saber.

Most desired yet-to-be-made figure? BB8. I can’t wait to see how the toy designers handle it.

Favorite Star Wars quote? “We would be honored if you would join us”.

Fight to the death winner: Chopper vs R2-D2? R2. Scappy and fearless.

4-LOM stands for: I have no idea – Sorry.

Better Baddie: General Grievous or The Inquisitor? The Inquisitor.

Plan on collecting Sequel Trilogy toys? Depends on how hard they are to obtain.

Best Character on Rebels? Tough one – but I’m gonna go with Kanan on this one.

Favorite collecting memory? Taking that Han in Carbonite out of the sealed case.

One wish for Star Wars Episode VII? That whatever vision Disney has for the franchise moving forward it stays true to the vision of George Lucas.

~ Final Question ~

4LOMKUSS:  “Fans of Force Figures” or “F oFFs” for short is a pathetic name for this interview.  Do you have any better suggestions?

Christopher: No. But if you interview people like myself, perhaps calling it “Designer Spotlight”???

4LOMKUSS: Before we head off into hyperspace, what would be the best way fans and collectors could find out more about your designs?

Christopher: I’m on Facebook and Instagram with the user name “cmpdesignz”. Sorry, but I don’t TWEET.

4LOMKUSS:  Thanks so much for taking the time to chat with us about your designs.  We wish you all the luck in the pursuit of your dream job and will cross our fingers  that its Star Wars action figure related! We hope to see more of your work in the future (perhaps The Force Awakens?) but until then we’ll leave you with the scholarly, mature and thought-provoking words of Jedi Council Master Mace Windu, “This party’s over!”

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